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Welcome to the AFBA Beacon

In less than half a year, Allies For Black Americans has grown into a force that is more than 11,000 members strong. Together, members and moderators have created a space that is safe for Black people to share their hopes and fears, while non-Black allies have discovered a place where they can use their privilege to help fight against a racist system in the United States in order to develop a country that lives up to its original promises that have excluded many since this nation’s inception.

As part of the AFBA expansion, please feel welcome as a new section of our group is introduced. The AFBA Beacon is a resource that will include regularly published stories that touch upon an array of topics relevant to this group’s mission. Expanding upon the vision of AFBA founder Kelly Jackson, the AFBA Beacon will serve our community by providing important information to members, while serving as an educational resource for learning, as the group continues to experience exceptional growth. These articles will cover historical and contemporary topics that promote stories of Black excellence and discuss the fight for equity, in addition to addressing current events that relate to existing challenges along the path toward true racial equity in the United States.

In the spirit of community, upon which AFBA was founded, constructive discussion is welcome and encouraged. If there is an issue or problem with any story, or a topic that would be a good fit for an article on the AFBA Beacon, please send an email to Discussion on the larger forum of our fantastic Allies For Black Americans Facebook page is also an excellent option to discuss topics explored in the articles. Wishing each of you love and peace, and I look forward to serving this group as a trusted storyteller to create a beacon of information through Allies For Black Americans.

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